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Santa Barbara Coastal Advisors - Santa Barbara, California



Our business model at Santa Barbara Coastal Advisors includes three different types of services. Whether you utilize one or all three, we are confident that all participants will be better prepared for the unique challenges that individuals face today as they prepare for retirement.

Financial Advisors

Our main focus at Santa Barbara Coastal Advisors is our clients. We take pride in the relationships we continue to build based on trust, commitment, and knowledge. Our team will work closely with you to learn about your priorities, goals, as well as how we can serve you best. Our favorite part about being financial advisors is seeing our financial guidance make a significant positive impact in the lives of you and your families.

Educational Workshops

In our ‘Educating the Educators’ Workshops, we aim to cover topics that CalSTRS and CalPERS employees are often in the dark about, focusing on the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset. You will also learn about other concepts relevant to retirement planning, such as Healthcare and Medicare Planning, Estate Conservation, Investment Concepts, and others.

Yet, the content of our workshops is often determined by the attendees of each individual class. Dr. Suess once said, “Sometimes the answers are complicated and the answers are simple.” We agree and encourage participants to take advantage of our ability to translate the often dense process of retirement planning into an easy-to-understand education for you and your loved ones.

You can learn about upcoming ‘Educating the Educators’ workshops in California school districts near you by staying updated with our Events page.

Custom Financial Reports

Keeping in mind that many individuals have complex scenarios when it comes to retirement benefits, it can often be a seemingly impossible task for families to calculate what they will receive. Our custom illustrations provide a solution by taking the mystery out of your financial future.

After gathering some of your basic information, we can produce a gap analysis to reveal any shortfalls that may occur, while demonstrating what steps you can take to ensure that you will not run out of money in retirement. This service includes a graphic illustration, which is great for visual learners, as well as a descriptive report that our advisors can go over with you in detail.

If you are interested in learning more about our personalized financial reports, feel free to use the ‘Ask a Question’ box on this page or contact our office over phone or email.