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Santa Barbara Coastal Advisors - Santa Barbara, California


Our Financial Planning Process

Sailors have always used a compass to navigate the open waters, it is a symbol of protection, guidance, and direction. At Santa Barbara Coastal Advisors we have developed the Financial Compass process to steer our clients to lifelong financial security.

We start by taking an objective look at your current financial situation and organize a plan of action to help you achieve your financial goals. Our process includes the following steps:

1. Establish client relationship

We begin each relationship with a discovery process in which we gain a better understanding of you and your family. At this initial meeting, we discuss your current financial situation, your specific goals, and any challenges you might face as you work toward those goals.

2. Identify goals and gather records

Once we have gained an understanding of your current financial landscape, our next step is to identify your goals and priorities. While some clients come to us with very specific objectives, others have a more abstract idea of their plans for the future. In order to design our wealth solutions to meet your specific goals, we first work with you to articulate exactly what those goals are.

3. Analyze and evaluate your financial status

During this step, your wealth advisory team collaborates with experts throughout the firm to evaluate your existing legal documents, insurance policies, and portfolio holdings. Together, we analyze what is currently working for you, as well as opportunities for improvement.

4. Develop and present financial plan

Having developed a plan that is tailored to your current situation, we present our specific recommendations on how to improve your portfolio. We discuss with you the potential impact of any changes and how we believe our recommendations will help you achieve your goals.

5. Implement plan

Once we agree upon a course of action, we seamlessly integrate all aspects of the financial plan. Because we have already developed an understanding of your objectives, your current situation, and your existing accounts, this stage of the process will likely require little effort on your part.

6. Review, monitor and update plan

As your needs and objectives change over time, we continuously review, update, and monitor your plan. We communicate with you on a regular basis to discuss any changes that may impact your plan, and we proactively work to ensure your plan continues to help you achieve your objectives.