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Santa Barbara Coastal Advisors - Santa Barbara, California



At Santa Barbara Coastal Advisors, we have a commitment to educators who are looking to take control of their financial lives. Our vision is to put our knowledge and experience to good use by planning your ideal retirement. Our advisors are motivated to understand your needs, wants, and long-term goals to design, implement, and monitor the best strategy for you.

Ultimately, our practice is defined by our values. These are the foundation of Santa Barbara Coastal Advisors and show in everything we do:


We believe that our duty as advisors is not only to responsibly handle your investments, but also empower you to take an active role in your finances if you so choose. We can equip you with an overview of our strategy and keep you updated about any matters that could have an effect on your financial situation.


Our three levels of service aim to give you options so you can discover which one will suit you best. Whether you would like a quick snapshot of your retirement profile, a well-rounded education about retirement planning, unlimited access to an informed advisor throughout the year, or all three, we are here to customize our services to the individual.


Your financial advisor should never be a stranger behind your portfolio. We take the time to build the personal connections that lead to long-term success. We like to check in with you at least once a year, but the frequency and level of our communication is up to you.


Our clients trust us with their financial future and, in turn, we cover all aspects of your financial plan so you don’t have to. After finding the ideal approach for you, we consistently review and monitor your portfolio, adjusting the plan should your goals or circumstances change. This way, we can stay on track with the retirement that you want and expect.