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Long Term Care for Life

Many people may think that life insurance is something one won't use in their lifetime; some may think that it is simply a way to continue a legacy, or help one's family in the event of a loss of a loved one. However, there are many ways in which you can utilize a life insurance policy with a long term care ride, allowing you and your family to be taken care of when hard times occur during your own lifetime. A life insurance policy with a long term care rider can truly safeguard you and your family from the burden of long term care costs. Below are some videos highlighting this useful retirement tool to help you and your loved ones gain a better understanding and get the most out of a life insurance policy.

John Hancock has paired up with Vitality, a company that prides itself on helping others live

healthily, to produce the John Hancock Life Insurance Vitality policy. Through this policy

people who are already living active, healthy lives, and those who want to improve upon their

health, are rewarded with Vitality points, getting rewards and a reduced premium.

As the example above illustrates, life sometimes happens quickly and unexpectedly, offsetting ones

plans. When illnesses strike a family it not only affects the one afflicted, but the family

members around them too. A life insurance policy with a long term care rider not only offers

a death benefit to help your family when you are gone, but also allows you to take money out to aid

with long term care, eliminating the burden on your family.