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The California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS) provides retirement, disability and survivor benefits for California's 868,493 prekindergarten through community college educators and their families.[1] CalSTRS was established by law in 1913 and is part of the State of California's Government Operations Agency. As of November 2013, CalSTRS is the largest teachers' retirement fund in the United States. CalSTRS is also currently the thirteenth largest public pension fund in the world.[2] As of November 30, 2015, CalSTRS managed a portfolio worth $188.4 billion.


Santa Barbara Coastal Advisors we can use our proprietary retirement projection software

to bring to you graphs and information on how much your shortfall might be and ways in

which we can remedy any gaps should they arise.

CalSTRS is the nations largest teacher retirement program, administering a hybrid system

that includes a defined benefit program, cash balance program, and a defined contribution

component that are aimed at bringing educators the best retirement opportunities.

Utilize the CalSTRS website to take a look at your benefits, retirement planning, member

publication, and other useful tools. The CalSTRS website is easy to navigate and offers

many resources to aid educators in better understanding their retirement plans and benefits.



Link to video: CALSTRS